Creative Presentation Ideas

The slideshow presentation as a tool in student education has been overused. We would be assisting students to polish their presentation skills with simple yet creative ideas to enliven their material and engage with their fellow students.

YouTube Broadcasting of Students

Students presentations and creations would be broadcasted online through YouTube. This allows students a first-hand experience of the broadcasting world and students can also hone their skills. Through broadcasting, students get an opportunity to share their ideas & creations with the world. These broadcasts would be part of the students’ portfolio to demonstrate their skills and knowledge directly to employers.

Communication and Collaboration

NASM is the first Institute to provide education through Google Apps, where our students will learn how to effectively use webmail services, Calendar (shared calendars), G-Talk (instant messaging and voice/video chat) and Drive (online document creation & sharing).

Education through Technology:

At NASM, the culture of lively interaction between the students and teachers is continued with the use of technology. The blogosphere is utilized as an interactive tool to host and manage the students’ blogs and review the capabilities of their entries. The class homepage would be hosted to create a bridge of communication with the students and keep them updated about assignments, workshops and fun activities during the program. Students are taught and encouraged to customize their blogs by uploading their texts, photos or insert videos giving a fun learning experience. Students will be exposed to current technology usage and norms to create images and videos, text-audio files, webcams, voice comments, transform media into collaborative spaces and get trained online on uploading-sharing searching.