The objective of NASM programs is – to train the individuals in the world of sports, who wish to focus their professional careers in sports management, also for professionals in the field of sports who wish to update their knowledge, professionals from other fields of knowledge who wish to enter the sports world, or professional athletes who, having retired from competition, aspire to continue in the sports arena as managers.
Upon completion of the program, students will be able to work in a variety of fields, from branding and marketing to working with sports apparel. Below are some indicators:

Sports Federations

There are 52 approved National Sports Federations and hundreds of state level and district level federations. These are the organizing and governing bodies of sports in India at various levels.
The federations are responsible to promote sports as an industry and also make the commercial aspect viable for the growth of various sports. With the aim to fulfill these responsibilities, these organizations are turning to recruit professional sports managers who have holistic knowledge of the industry and bring a management perspective with them.

Sports Marketing & Branding

Sports and Branding enjoy almost a symbiotic relationship. Advertising through sports has historically been considered a concrete way of connecting with the customers. Sports Management qualification equips the student with the requisite tools and skill sets to excel in Branding and Advertising in the sports arena.

Sports Merchandising

Sports merchandising has gathered momentum in India as global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc. are recognizing Indian sports personalities and their influences on the Indian fans. These brands are looking to add talented sports professionals who have the knack to understand the nuances of sports and the merchandising business.

Sports Celebrity Management

Specialized companies are present such as Rhiti Sports, PMG Sports, and Percept India which cater to sports celebrity management, which has evolved as a niche and fast growing field in sports management. Imagine the number of players who have achieved professional success and are in more than 30 different mainstream sports at national and international levels. All these sports personalities need a Manager now more than ever who will help them manage their portfolio of contracts, renewals, associations and endorsements.

Sports Journalism / Sports Commentating

Harsh Bhogle and Ravi Shastri are precedents of the communications aspect in the field of Sports making it one of the key and popular occupations of the business. The emergence of League competitions such as IPL, ISL and the Indian Badminton League (IBL), among others, has created abundant career opportunities. Those endowed with communication skills can gainfully find avenues to practice the art as commentators, journalists, anchors, etc. Rapid growth of platforms in medium of newspapers and magazines has created interested in sports journalism evolving it as a highly paid profession.

Sports Event Management

With numerous Sports Leagues in India commanding eyeballs, media space and attention alike, Sports Event Management is another occupation demanding highly skilled professionals.
The sports calendar being filled to the brim with the matches and sports events being organzied, there is a dearth of dedicated Sports event managers to handle all the aspects of such events. Event companies similar to Percept India Pvt. Ltd. understand the need for a dedicated team to cater to these sporting events and are fast moving to become large scale employers of Sports Event Managers.

Some Other Indicators

  • Sports Equipment Manufacturing
  • Recreation and Sports Club Management
  • Sports Photography
  • Sports Medicine
  • League Management
  • Sports Retail
  • Sports Agencies
  • Sports Tourism
  • Sports Marketing Research
  • Sports IT