The courses of National Academy of Sports Management have been created in accordance with the Eight I’s principles

Developing and Delivering curricula featuring modern concepts which anticipate the reality & requirements of Sports Industry.

Engaging student’s and holding their curiosity by providing pragmatic education with an appropriate combination of academic theory and practical learning.

Enhancing the professional skill-sets of the students and preparing them for successful career in the field of Sports Management.

High degree of emphasis is laid on building a strong industry connect of the students. Practical training, internships and workshops lead to achieve this objective and thus leading to a good career.

Standard of excellence by establishing strong relations with industry and develop curricula which are practice-oriented.

Contributing to the development of students as leading members of society by communicating social, ethical, environmental and other values beyond business and politics.

The process of being mentally stimulated specially to do act creatively by encouraging pedagogical innovations by the use of latest technological advances.

Provide continuous feedback and evaluation, in order to create progress and enhancement-driven processes of knowledge dissemination.